Backup space needed for community

Hi, this community have a need for about 1TB of Amazon-free backup space, and - optionally - perhaps some support with it. Can you let me know if you offer this service and give us a ballpark quote? Thanks, Naomi

Hi Naomi

Do you know what they’re backing up and whether it needs a form of infrastructure (like a ‘cloud’) to manage the content?

Happy to discuss

Hi @naomi

Also happy to discuss.

We can offer the space needed and use open source software.

As @usayd says, it’ll be good to get an idea of what needs backing up.


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Hi @usayd and @liam

It is to back up an on-site NAS. The NAS is used to store historical files. It’s not used day-to-day stuff (they have an online file sharing system for that).

So it’s not that important for them to have quick or easy access to the backup. If anything needs restoring, a techie (either you or I) could do it for them.

They will need an automated backup process with email alerts - you may have your own recommended solution for this, or alternatively I would set something up.


We can provide this. Our favoured solution is Restic and Borgbase.

Hi @usayd @liam @kawaiipunk , thanks for your interest, however they are going with another solution