Autonomic is looking for work

Hey co-operaters, just to let you know we do have capacity for tech work in the next six months.

Here’s an extensive list of our skills: Services – Autonomic Co-operative

In short, we do open source infrastructure, websites and support. Everything from Wordpress front end to supporting a whole office of Linux clients.

Some of the shiny new things we have been playing with recently include static sites (using Payload CMS for a slick user content creation experience), Passkeys (passwordless login with a hardware token or phone) and continuing to deploy applications using Co-op Cloud.

If you think of anything you might need or have any existing frustrating tech problems you’d like to solve. Feel free to get in touch: boop @ autonomic . zone

We’ve been developing our collaborative frameworks and believe we have a decent system for successfully collaborating with other co-ops. If you’re a co-op and there’s some work that you can’t take on due to not having enough capacity or the project feeling too big, get in touch. Maybe we can make something great happen.