Aptivate is hiring for a part-time Django dev position, £315 p/d

Hi CoTech,

We’re a bit busy at Aptivate and we’d like to grow!

We need an experienced Django developer who can also do at least basic server maintenance. We’re advertising just here initially because we’re thinking it will be most straightforward to get someone interested in / with experience of coops.

Other experience that would be nice to have and isn’t required: Full DevOps, user-centred design, project management, experience of managing a small organisation, international development experience, other tech e.g. Drupal, React, and front end skills.

We are a fully-mutual not-for-profit worker coop. Our purpose internally and externally is “To give people a say in the decisions that affect them.” We work in the international development sector, so all our work is on projects doing some good in the world, and our clients are nice!

We have fluctuating amounts of work and don’t currently guarantee a number of hours of work, and pay ourselves accordingly - we have a flat pay structure, currently £315 for a 7-hour day. This includes any holiday pay. We have managed to increase this amount a bit over the last couple of years, and hope to continue to do so in the future. At the moment we have on average around 2-3 days per week of work available that we would do if we had more capacity, and it fluctuates, and could grow.

We’d be open to conversations about how your needs might fit in with ours; we’re very happy to consider anyone’s specific circumstances and be flexible. We are happy to work with people who have multiple work affiliations, and we’ve successfully worked with people in different countries in the past. We actively encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds.

We’re a small distributed team working remotely, based in Cambridge and West Sussex, UK. We make decisions by consensus. We’re a mature organisation and tend to spend more time doing work than discussing our structure and policies. In practice we mostly coordinate via a short org meeting once a week.

If you’re interested, please email recruitment@aptivate.org with a summary of your experience and a covering statement. We are planning to interview from late July, and we look forward to hearing from you.

…and we’re probably coming to the Space4 event on Friday if anyone wants to chat there!