Apologies from Liam

Hi everyone,

I wanted to apologise for my silence and lack of participation over the past few months.

The past couple of years have been very difficult for me and I’ve just put a brave face on to get through the days.

My health is the main reason for not being around, as most of you know, I’m on crutches thanks to a spinal injury, however in December just gone, I had a serious chest infection which lead to me going into hospital.

I was then diagnosed with a torn esophagus and surgical emphysema. Basically air from my lungs was leaning out into my body, which apparently isn’t good.

Luckily and thankfully to the amazing care of the staff at my hospital, I survived. I had been given a 50/50 change of survival.

To be honest that alone has messed with my head and made me rethink life in general.

Unfortunately whilst I was in hospital, they found a lump. I’m waiting on an appointment for that.

I wanted to thank @SzczepanOfAnimorph for sending me memes and keeping in contact.

Again apologies for not being around, I’m hoping to get more involved again but it’s going to take me time.

I hope the rest of you are well.




Best wishes @liam, if there is anything we can do for you please let us know (for example if you are well enough for the next Workers Co-op Weekend and would like a lift door-to-door, I’d be happy to help).

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Good to hear that you’re alive… :smiley:

Just a comment from someone who had spinal surgery in the past.

Make sure to get the follow-up physiotherapy, and keep up with the exercises. It’ll make all of the difference for your future mobility.

Also look into diets that are optimised to increase your bone healing, as well as exercises to increase bone density, as that will help avoid other future problems.

Note that this form of diet is a little harsh on the kidneys, so you’ll have to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, but you should be avoiding that anyway, as alcohol drains the calcium, vitamin A, and, vitamin D from your body.

If you can find it, eat sustainably-sourced shark, as shark cartilage contains the ingredients that are closest in structure to human cartilage, so it requires the least amount of processing by your body.

Luck to you. :smiley:

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Woah, no need for apologies @liam!

Here’s hoping the lump is nothing and you fully recover soon!

Liam! Stay strong mate ! Hope to catch up soon!

Hey Liam,

Really sorry to hear of your struggles but very glad to hear you are on the right side of most of it now, stay strong, brother! Absolutely no need to apologise, focus on getting yourself strong.

Take care,