Anyone with experience of Azure?

Hi everyone

We have a potential project which seeks to make some good social impact for very vulnerable people, but requires building an application on Azure (it’s for a local government service).

The application part seems fine, but we don’t have any direct experience of Azure. Are there any developers who have worked with Azure with whom we might have a chat, with a view to collaborating?

Thank you hive mind!

Hi Richard,

We use it across our teams for several of our main clients. Happy to have a chat if helpful.

Many Thanks

Cheers Nick - just sent you a message about meeting online quickly here: → Video Meetings, Video Conferencing, and Screen Sharing - Whereby (formerly


Hi again - @Cweb-Nick shall we try to chat on Monday morning? I’ll see if I can send you an invite.

Apols for the urgency but the client we are talking to needs something early next week. :slight_smile:

All the best

Hey Richard, apologies I was in another call but have joined now if you’re free