Anyone know any stroke survivors or families/carers?

Hi all - we’re working on a project for stroke survivors and need to speak with up to 5 survivors or their families/carers in an informal, one-on-one minute call.

Does anyone have any connections with any can forward an invite to get involved? Or is connected to any organisations that work with them?

Basically, we’re trying to help improve a client’s stroke support website and want to hear from survivors and their families about the support they wanted(ed). Participants can be at any stage in their recovery.

We’re also trying to invite people outside of our client’s current user base, so it’s proving a bit tricky to find people. Any help appreciated!

If anyone is interested in knowing more or arranging an informal call, they are welcome in the first instance to email me directly at

FYI we will not be passing on any contact details to our client or anyone else…