Anyone in Japan?

Hi I have been looking for like-minded people in Japan. I am very interested in starting a computer programmer (just an initial idea, I am open to broadening scope or changing it) worker coop😄


Welcome to the forum! I don’t personally know anyone in Japan in this area but I’m sure someone will :smiley:


Coooool @yasu how did you hear about CoTech?! And also, are co-ops common/easy to set up in Japan? Welcome to the forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wave: :coop:

Anyway, we work with a lovely designer and she is currently in Japan so I told her about your message, she’s worked with us for a while so has a good handle on worker co-ops.


Thank you for warm welcome!!

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I searched for a forum like this. I couldn’t find anything in Japan…

I know it is done, through creative use of existing laws :grinning:. However, I understand that the real worker coop legislation is currently going through the Japanese parliament and might be enacted in a few months (followed by 2 years of ‘preparation’ period [I’ don’t know the exact t legal term])

Most of the existing worker coops in Japan appear to be contractors of services such as people-care, cleaning, etc, for municipal governments. I know of, or heard of, only a few IT worker coops. I would love to know more about IT worker coops in the UK and elsewhere!!

But (I have recently written an essay on this in Japanese :grinning: ), I think the real question is how to get the initial capital…

It would be wonderful to see her! Is she anywhere near Tokyo? Just a few days ago, I met someone from a worker coop think-tank in Tokyo and we discussed the methodology of web site design and maintenance, in general (although my expert friend did most of the relevant talk :grinning: )!


She is near Tokyo but I think she’s been out exploring and not checking emails… I would love to know more about co-ops in Japan, and I’m sure more people on this forum would too. In terms of the initial capital, I guess it’s just that little tension at the start of spending time to set up a good business (i.e. a co-op) versus delivering a project to get paid. If you ever translate your essay into English, please let me know :slight_smile:

Really glad that you were searching about this kind of forum (and sorry for all of these questions) but what has drawn you to co-ops? I talk about them a lot on podcasts/events and I am convinced that people are fed up of the exploitative Capitalist system in which we work. So if you’re willing to share/have the time, please do let me know why you have interest in this great way of working.


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Oh yes, maybe I should translate it into English, too. Let me check with the coop think-tank folks (they published it in their monthly journal). I’m sure they won’t mind.

And yes, I am also sick of the exploitation. My essay was about my thoughts into how we can transition from “normal companies” to Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises.

I am probably ideologically incompatible with the authoritarian corporate structures that are predominant today. :smile: I value things like truth, transparency and democracy way too much and they just cannot exist, without being fake, in the places like the major American bank I worked for 10 years.

Part of my essay was about the initial capital. I figured, if an IT worker coop take contract work, It could become just a variation of a labor union. I thought that for a worker coop to be really meaningful, it would have to develop its unique products and services, thus requiring the initial capital. :smile:

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Hi @yasu !

We tried to get a group together when there was growing momentum for launching a Platform Co-operativism Consortium. The group sort of fizzled, but there is an active dev community and I’d love to be of assistance in bringing folks together!

I did a Nerd Nite presentation about two years ago about Platform Co-operativism and got a lot of positive feedback and interest. I’m based in Tokyo and will be pretty flexible over the next two months if you want to brainjam!


Great let’s meet! I work at Toranomon. My phone number is 090-6523-2640 and my email is

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