Anyone got experience with Odoo? Anyone host it?

It’s looking likely I’m going to be helping a Cooperative Development Body get up and running using Odoo

Anyone out there in the CoTech community that has experience of using it? Anyone host it?


No to both questions, but the install process looks straight forward, it would need a virtual server and 1GB or 2GB of RAM:

I would expect that writing an Ansible playbook to configure a VM for running it wouldn’t take too long to put together, especially since we already have roles for a couple of the dependencies, wkhtmltopdf and nodejs, I’d probably write a Postgres role for it and I’d assume that a web server would be needed as a reverse proxy — I’m not entirely sure if it comes with a built in one or not, I expect it does,

I think that may be built on Odoo, so there may be some relevant dev expertise amongst the FairCoop crowd.

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Thanks @Graham page source sites indeed seem to indicate it’s Odoo

Hi @jdaviescoates!

We do work with Odoo at Coop IT Easy , we host it and also do custom development for our clients in the social economy. Drop me an email if you have questions :slight_smile: robin[at]


Great, thanks @robin.keunen, will do! :slight_smile: