Anyone experienced hosting E-Learning platforms (Moodle probably)?

I know a small Scottish charity who want to set something up. They have used Moodle before but are open to discussions about other open source solutions. Send me a PM with some blurb about you and your email and I’ll forward it on.

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We have a basic Ansible role for installing Moodle and as a result can provide automatically installed Moodle sites on our shared hosting or on managed VPS

And one for Moosh, the CLI tool for managing Moodle:

The other sysadmin at Webarchitects, @kate has more experience with hosting Moodle than I do but I have done a lot of Moodle upgrade / migration work for one online learning provider and we host and manage the server running their Moodle instances,


We too provide hosting for Moodle sites on our shared platform or if needed our VPS platform.

We’ve used this for a project:

It can work with or without Moodle.