Any sysadmin/dev-ops workers in existing CoTech co-ops looking for some extra work?

Hi folks, we at Autonomic need a bit of extra capacity with our internal infrastructure. We were just wondering if there were any workers in existing CoTech co-ops that had any capacity for a few hours a week help us tackle some lingering issues in our infra kanban. We don’t really want to hire right now so we were thinking about “insourcing” or “cosourcing” from within the network.

You will need intermediate to advanced skills in:

  • Linux (Debian)
  • Git
  • Ansible
  • Docker

We have a flat pay structure so you will get the same pay as any Autonomic worker. Looking forward to hearing from anyone out there.

I don’t really have much spare time but I can probably tick all the requirement boxes, especially the Debian and Ansible ones, also Webarchitects has some things that we don’t have internal capacity to sort out, perhaps we could explore the option of exchanging some work, based on time, between our co-ops, if you would would you like to follow this up do you want to drop a line to

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A quick chat on the phone might be easier than a email? I’m not in the office every day, but I’m mostly there, 0114 276 9709, my mobile number is in the shared CoTech addressbook on Nextcloud or perhaps we could have a chat using BBB after the CoTech call tomorrow?

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Hey, everyone!

I have some time and would love to work with you all :slight_smile: Know my Debian,
Ansible and Git but very little Docker.

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Hi there,

I’m not part of a Coop, but I’d love to have a chance to work a bit with one and understand how it works, it is my plan in the near future to work (or start) a CoTech.

I tick all the requirements listed.

You can get in touch with me at




I’ve 5+ plus years of experience with the required technologies, and will have some spare time in the next few months. Please check my LinkedIn profile for more info I can send over my CV if interested.