Any Londoner free on the next days?

Hi everybody!
I will be visiting London in the next days and I would love to meet with people from CoTech. Unfortunately, pizza afternoons are not allowed right now :(, but I thought on visiting Space4 and the Newspeak house. However, if everybody is working from home, both places will be deserted…Any (ideally geeky) plans where we can meet? I’ll be with my 5-year-old son, so pubs are not an option, but we love parks!

And well…we don’t have the accommodation very clear yet, so if someone can host us for a couple of nights (ideally tomorrow and/on Friday night), that’d be ace! Co(Tech)uchsurfing. I am happy to cook Spanish food for everybody.

PM if this sounds good for you!

Hello! There should be a few people hanging out on the terrace at Newspeak House if you want to drop by on Friday!

That’s great, we’ll do. Around what time? Thanks!

Hey @Pau SPACE4 is open. Fridays tend to be a little quiet but we’ll be here. You should swing by. If you can be here for about 1pm we can grab some lunch. Sadly I’m away at the weekend so I won’t be able to host you!

I’ll be part of a seminar from 2-4, but happy to chat before or after that. I think I’ll get there around 10am.

That sounds like a plan!

We’ll be around 1pm at Space4 and around 4pm at the Newspeak house.

Accommodation sorted, thanks!

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Great, see you then!