Any CoTech members at Chaos Communications Congress 34C3?

Myself and another member of our co-op are going to 34C3 in Leipzig. Let us know if you are also going and we can hang out.

It appears a German co-operative has already created an assembly for tech co-ops already so we deffo check that out :smile:

We will also be involved in running and informal Open Rights Group meetup during the conference.

Does anyone have access to any stickers that I could give out to promote CoTech and UK co-operative sector?

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Have a great time!

CoTech stickers promoting co-operation — awesome idea! Does anyone want to come up with some designs / slogans? The original logo images are here:

But there probably wouldn’t be time to get some really nice stickers sorted before the CCC, an idea for the New year perhaps?

I guess we should also think about T-shirts…?

I added an event to the wiki.

I’ll write a quick report on how it went :wink:

It also got me thinking about other tech co-ops outside of the UK: Making contact with other tech co-ops abroad?

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Comprehensive report is up on the wiki at

Hope that is valuable for us.

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Thanks @kawaiipunk. Solid facilitation as always :hammer:

Thanks for the report. It looks like you had a good meeting with a lot of interest shown.