Any content or digital contacts at health charities?

Hi all - does anyone know anyone who works in content or digital for health charities?

We’re working with a large health charity to explore the topic of online support content and beneficiary user journeys. As part of it we’re bringing together a bunch of digital and content leads for a lessons-learned, fails & wins style roundtable session (online) on the subject of providing good support experiences and content (info, services etc).

The outputs would be public so hopefully everyone can find it useful.

So I’m hoping to find a few contributors from the content/digital teams from orgs like:

  • Mind
  • Scope
  • Macmillan
  • Parkinsons
  • Cancer Research UK
  • … or any other health and support focused orgs

Does anyone have a friendly contact at one of these, or is able to make an intro? I’m at or I can send more info on an email.

Thank you so much!

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