Any CiviCRM experts?

Hi, anyone out there with expertise in CiviCRM that would be able to help a client of ours?

Brief history: we inherited and rescued a Wordpress website that had been badly hacked. I can share client details and URL (and potentially login details etc) by direct message. It’s a small farming/growing website.

This is integrated with CiviCRM, which manages their memberships. We really just ported over the CiviCRM setup, got it working, and didn’t do anything else with it.

It’s now badly out of date - which in turn is preventing us from updating PHP on the server, updating Wordpress to the latest versions, etc, due to various conflicts. It’s also developed various glitches that the client is very keen to fix. I have no real experience with CiviCRM.

Is there anyone out there who knows CiviCRM and would be interested in taking on the following:

  • Updating CiviCRM from version 4.6.38 to latest
  • Enhancing Civi functionality in some small ways (requirements TBD)
  • Ongoing maintenance of Civi and/or the whole website (potentially)

Basically it’s all up for grabs, this is a small client and this could either be a once-off job to get Civi up to speed or it could be a client handover if that works better.


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This sounds like a possible job for @Graham or Agile Collective.

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Thanks @chris but this doesn’t sound like a fit for us. Hopefully @Graham can help.

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Hi @alanpeart Alan, and thanks @chris for flagging it up. I’d be very happy to look at it, this is the sort of thing I do. I’ll DM you with contact details, and maybe we can set up a call to discuss the specifics?

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Thanks for replies everyone I will follow up in DMs!