Any Agile training recommendations?

Hey CoTech :wave:
We’re looking for good Agile project management training, preferably one - two days based in London, so someone who is based here or can come here.

We’d really like personal recommendations i.e. a course that you have been on, rather than one that you saw advertised if you get my drift.

Thanks and hope you’re all well


I’d be interested to hear this too!

One of the scrum masters at my current contract just did a course with which was two days and she really got a great deal out of it. So I recommend that.

You get a qualification and a certificate too!


I did Mike Cohn’s Certified Scrum Product Owner training in London a few years ago. It was excellent, and I value the skills and knowledge I gained from it daily. It’s expensive - but IMO worth it.


Finn did the scrum master training with Mike Cohn a year or so ago and said it was excellent.

I’d be interested in joining a course if you find a way to do one

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I was hoping one of the ODS crew would reply :smiley: thanks @robredpath

Oooh two personal recommendations. Cool, I will get in touch with him and ask if there are any group discounts. Will keep you in the loop.

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