Another reason to dump Mailchimp, and another opportunity for a solidarity co-operative

Mailchimp walked out of negotiations with a studio as the studio was unionised.

The contract that the parent company wanted would allow any of their clients to specify non-union staff.

Mailchimp is running a stable and profitable business.

What would be required for a tech co-operative to create an identical service?

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I’ve only come across Mailchimp via the mailing lists they run.

I hadn’t realised that it was a larger business, including the other marketing channels, but the mail was where they made their money.

Mailchimp is owned by Intuit, which also operates the very popular quickbooks accounting tool. Heads-up for Quickbooks and Mailchimp users to jump ship. Better alternatives exist.


Thank you! I am keen to hear alternatives.

Things I have used in the past where

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