Annual Assembly Facttic

At FACTTIC cooperatives, we are organizing the annual assembly. We eagerly want to invite the COTECH cooperatives to join us. This event will also have workshops and talks on cooperativism and technology. It would be an exciting opportunity to share experiences and work on ideas for common projects. The date is December 6th and 7th in Tandil, a city in Buenos Aires province, Argentina.


I think that maybe it won’t be possible for you to come, but we can do the same that we did in your last year gathering, when we participate through a video call…

We can set up a room, just for say hi and introduce our cooperatives :blush:

PS - If someone come, we can arrange a modest acommodation in our houses…


You can count on me (physically) haha. Brilliant initiative.



If any of you can come to the gathering, we can prepare you some empanadas. Later in the afternoon we will invite you mate with facturas :grin:

If not, we can arrange a call like neto proposed.

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It would be great if one or two people from CoTech could go and I wonder if the fund that @chrislowis has helped organised could help cover the air fare?


I would be interested hearing from the conference online - either to say hello or to see any talks, if there is recording, but can I ask is any part in English please?