Alert: webinars this eve (Weds 27) and Friday (29 July) on the new worker coop organisation,

Copying this thread from the Worker Co-ops Loomio group, please forgive, to alert people to opportunities to hear about, question and discuss forming a new worker co-op federation. Being organised by Cath Muller (Cornerstone Housing/Radical Routes/Platform6) on behalf of the Worker Co-op Council:

The Worker co-op Council brought our plans for a new Worker Co-ops Federation to the worker co-op weekend and got buy-in from those present, as well as starting to make plans for how to get the thing off the ground in a participative way.

*We agreed this needed complementing with a series of online sessions for people who weren’t there to be brought up to speed, kick the tyres on the plan, and be able to get involved.

Next Sessions

  • Wed 27th - 6-7 - with me & Matt from Bartleby’s Brewery
  • Fri 29th - 1-2 - with me & someone else tbc

They will all take place on - if you haven’t used it before, it’s probably wise to turn up a little bit early to get your audio set up. It is a bit easier to use on a computer than on a phone. I’ll be there 10 minutes early to help.

Meeting link: Worker Co-op Federation

We’ll be referencing both this guide/handbook and the Heads of Terms between CUK and the Worker Co-op Council.

If you can RSVP beforehand by email to that will be very helpful.

Please note also that we’re moving discussion of this project away from Loomio and over to the new federation’s new forum:

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