Agile Collective is hiring!

So were hiring again, it’s been a while and it’s so much fun that we thought why not?

We’re hiring for a Mid-Senior Developer and a Designer and have teamed up with the wonderful Collaborative Future who are helping us to create an inclusive recruitment process from start to finish.

We’d really appreciate it if you could share among your own networks or to specific individuals you think may be interested… or apply yourself! :grinning:

[20/12/2021 - edited so links should be correct now]



i can assist you with experienced developer and designer as well.

Please share your email so i will forward the resume

@aaron heya, I think the permissions are set wrong on the Notion. Can’t see the ads without an account.

Thanks for flagging that @kawaiipunk

Not sure @aaron is around this afternoon. We’ve posted the job ads on our website as well, so here they are: