Advice and technical help with CRM software sought

Digital Commons co-op is a new joint project of Solidarity Economy Association and Shared Assets. Its initial aims include supporting community-led mapping projects and membership organisations, focusing on social and solidarity economy organisations.

Digital Commons is looking for technical help with deploying and inter-operating with certain CRM software, in particular CiviCRM (as some existing clients like the ICA use this), and others, which we need advice selecting.

Are there any individuals or organisations who can assist with this? If so please contact contact either myself (here) or Colm Massey (


(The Solidarity Economy Association is a current member of CoTech; Digital Commons will be applying to be shortly.)


Hey Nick,

I think Graham Mitchell is a Civi expert and on this forum as @graham (I think)



Member, Agile Collective

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Thanks @aaron, @Graham got in touch too. I’ve passed this on to Colm, who’s going to follow up.