A new community for "tech for good" organisers in the UK

If you’re the kind of person that likes to run events or other community activities, it’s a tough time right now!

A new UK-wide network has just formed for organisers of “tech & social change” communities, take a look:



Nice! I’ll pass it on to a second group in Scotland.

Can I strongly suggest the events section should NOT be a list of actual events? There is no way to update that other than by hand, which creates more work for already busy organisers. It’s also not possible to pull it automatically into a other ways of using the data. Can I suggest that instead, the list should be “Where do you look for the canonical source of events for each group?”. Each group will have their own place they have already chosen to use to list events; (meetup.com, eventbrite, their own site, others) just list that instead. In terms of something to pull that data together, it won’t surprise you to know I have suggestions :slight_smile: [ Tho I see so far the only event is a “meta” event, so maybe I’ve got the purpose of that section wrong - in which case, it would be good to make that purpose clear ]

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click --> oh :frowning: * --> hmm, better say something positive --> I’m sure there is lots of Good involved, I would personally appreciate more specific terms than “Good” --> turns computer off

* with a privacy focused browser setup, I just see a) just a blocked iframe, and b) it’s hosted with google, not normally associated with “Good” tech (alternative options)


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Is there a network for co-ops that seek to implement Allende’s socialist computer?