A little help needed - materials for Wortley Hall

We have some of the materials we need for Wortley Hall but are still looking for donations of:

  • Post-Its (regular everyday square ones, even off brand is fine, if they’re sticky :wink:

  • Sharpies, Colouring Pens

  • Biros

If you can bring a decent quantity of these please let us know here!


I have a dozen sharpies

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Thanks Felix, perfect.

Any more for any more!

Am still not quite sure if we have enough - so any final contributions will be very welcome!!

Especially post-its and sharpies.

Thanks again

I can bring:
c. 20 post-its, various colors but mostly cream and yellow
Sharpies - 2 black, 1 each RGB
Felt tip Stabilos - 7 black & 4 brown
Also a pack of 4 larger posts-its, if needed


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Thanks Bill - much appreciated. :slight_smile: