A free, open source encrypted alternative to Zoom provided by a platform cooperative Collective Tools

Here is a free, open-source encrypted alternative to Zoom that is provided by Collective Tools, a platform cooperative.

If you want to access other project management tools that Collective Tools provide you have to pay a subscription fee. However, when doing so you become a member of the cooperative and can therefore democratically participate in how the tools are developed.

Hopefully a lot of cooperatives will join and together create an arsenal of shared tools!

One cool thing is also that the membership is global.


Wow! This is pretty cool! and very useful in these times of high demand for video calls :clap:

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Very useful, thanks for sharing!

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I assume this is just an instance of Jitsi Meet?

I wonder how well Collective Tools instance compares with that free, open source encrypted instance? I guess perhaps better if only because less people will know about it (although perhaps worse because perhaps it doesn’t have as powerful servers running it).

I’m a big fan of Jitsi Meet (although have found it to be not really that reliable :expressionless: ), and other other open source options like Kopano Meet - which is nice as it’s a Progressive Web App which means no need to install any apps on phone), Big Blue Button, and Nextcloud Talk.

But there is a good reason everyone seems to use https://zoom.us these days. It just works.

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