2018 Wortley Hall (or wherever): Planning inside CoTech


Is that actual spent money costs, or opportunity costs of people’s time? (I think someone sent me last years costs spreadsheet so I should probably just go and look at that)

Lots of YHA exclusive hires are very nice. Been to quite a few with a large group of friends who have an annual reunion. It’s bedrooms, not camping.


Opportunity costs. We still have all the normal overheads and costs while we’re at Wortley Hall, but aren’t earning any money during that time. The actual costs would be a lot too if we paid ourselves to attend, which we’ve not done as it seemed a bit extravagant.


Your overheads/income are 20k for 3 days? Damn :grin:

I mean the question is as we have already touched on is what is the CoTech conference for?

i.e. where is the balance struck between networking/social (which I think are super valuable) and pure business and sector strategy (potentially more valuable). I’m sure there will be different perspectives on this.

Considering we got a lot of infrastructure stuff done, I would like to see us choose a couple of working/groups and topics from the 2017 conference and focus on those https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Wortley_Hall_2017#Agenda

I see the most important topics as:

  • Marketing CoTech
  • Sales and Collaboration
  • Shared infrastructure

As Autonomic are a new co-op still working out our direction, we don’t really have any capital to donate to the proceedings as everything goes to paying ourselves at this stage. We will be slumming it whichever way and can only contribute time/energy as opposed to cash.

We probably won’t be able to afford to stay at Wortley Hall anyway and would instead maybe commute to the conference from Sheffield (staying with friends/members). Likewise for if it was hosted at Space4, we would stay with friends.

Could we perhaps get a quick temperature check of what the general feeling is from individuals/co-ops who will be attending? It’s hard to understand who is actually aware of this thread.

  • Wortley Hall
  • Space4
  • Worker Co-op weekend
  • Some combination of the above

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I am personally expressing interest in a combination of Space4 (or similar space) for the strategy meeting and then more of a social focus by combining with Worker Co-op weekend which I will assume will happen in May 2019. Combining with worker co-op weekend would allow us to make links with other co-ops that could be potential clients for the network.

I have concerns that Space4 is not accessible for anyone with mobility needs as it is only accessible up some stairs afaik? We also don’t want to make CoTech too London centric (mirroring a negative aspect of the rest of the tech economy).


I agree with (Leo) a combination of Space4 (or similar space) for the strategy meeting and then more of a social focus by combining with Worker Co-op weekend …

Wortley is very convenient for us but it would be nice to have chance to see Space4.

And future years could be other venues to avoid London-centricity?


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Hi Polly, thanks a lot for organising this, would you be OK with me splitting this post off as a new thread so it is easier for people to find?


@chris That would be marvellous. Never quite sure about thread discipline! Thanks.


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