2-3 days work Django & React development, non-profit / international development sector

Howdy CoTech!

It never rains but it pours - at Aptivate, we’re currently overworked because we’ve been asked to do something helpful toward the coronavirus situation. This means that we’re finding it hard to put the time in at the moment to finish off a stage of another nice project we’re working on. We know what needs doing and can support the work.

The project is called ParEvo - you can see more about it here - https://parevo.org/ - It’s a tool to help facilitate a group to collaborate on developing future scenarios, in a participatory way. This is a concept by a smashing guy called Rick Davies, who is a pioneer in the field of monitoring and evaluation in international development, and we’re working with him to develop it.

This is open to anyone - give me a shout! Rates negotiable - we have a flat day rate that we pay ourselves, and we want to get this done on Rick’s behalf.

If this works out then it’s also possible that in the future we’ll be looking for more support with our coronavirus efforts, which are also based on a Django stack.


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Reaaaally good news to hear that you’ve got lots of work :slight_smile: I hope some CoTechers can help you soon.


Sounds great, let us know if you need any design, animation, illustration or web dev support:)

I’m a very experienced developers who knows react, but not Django. That said, I’m a fast learner.

Additionally, having just finished a PhD (in blockchains), the uni’ where I’ve been teaching has closed. Hence, I’m available, immediately.

I’ll gladly work for the cheapest rate available - anything will be useful.

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I can help out.
Please check PM.

Best Regards,
Sofia G