Yahoo Groups Shutting Down - Co-operatively-Owned Replacement Needed


They’re no longer accepting users posts after 28th of October, and will be fully deleted on the 14th of December.

While some of the members of the groups will be busy scrambling around trying to backup everything, This would be an opportunity to build a Co-operatively owned version with identical functionality.

Any suggestions as to where to begin?

This is of great interest to me as some of the Hardware groups that i use as a technical resource, will be shut down.

Also, while I’m willing to fund the initial set-up for this, i can’t afford to keep it going long-term, so an thoughts about how to finance this would be welcome.


I think the issue with this would be getting traction. I’m assuming that existing members would end up migrating over to the likes of Reddit?

There’s a large existing mailing list, ~5593 members, with the usual breakdown ratio’s of lurkers, passive-recipients. sporadically active, and, regular posters.

There’s a large number of members who are older, which is why it’s on Yahoo, rather than the newer forums.

The mods are talking internally about moving to but as i don’t know about the ownership and hosting of the website, i’m hesitating, as i don’t want to move platforms, just to get the same problem in a few years time.

I got burnt by this during the Thingiverse sale to a company that instantly changed the T&C’s in their favour, and, against the user’s interests.

It’s why i prefer to use system’s that i can own and control, ie. Co-operatives. :smiley:

Are you talking about the whole of Yahoo groups or a specific group?

At the moment, i’m only talking about the groups that i’m interested in, but if we can provide a credible alternative, then i don’t see why the others wouldn’t move across as welll.

I’d suggest that Discourse provides a very nice alternative to email lists these days, but it isn’t cheap to host or maintain.

Another web based discussion forum that we could host for a lot less would be Flarum, this can be run from regular shared hosting.

The cheapest option would be Mailman lists these can be hosted on our generic domain, or a virtual server can be provided if you want full control over a Mailman instance.

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Since it was an email-list to begin with, any of those should be ok.

Please note i am not a domain expert in hosting email-systems, or forum software, hence the (possibly) stupid questions i’m asking here.

I don’t really care about the technical implementation, just the functionality, and the terms of ownership.

It just needs to replicate the functionality of the Yahoo-Groupsmailing list that it is replacing.

It needs to be a Co-op, so as to prevent bad actors from unilaterally destroying the community that we built.

Sounds like a cool idea. Consider posting this on the platform coop email list and Facebook group as well.

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@BillySmith if you would to order email list hosting from Webarchitects please send a email to

Thank you for your help.

@LeoSammallahti I’m not on Facebook, so i can’t post to that group.

Could you post this thread to them please?

@chris I have emailed the list moderators ands sent them the links.

If they don’t get in touch with Webarchitects in a couple of days, please let me know. :smiley:

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HI all,

Thank you to the folk that offered to help.

The group mods managed to find a smooth way of transferring to here,

I think it was the automated tools that carried the files straight over that clinched things,

While i’ve looked at the T&C’s for Groups.IO, they’re fairly standard for a Free/Freemium BBS service. :smiley:

I’m half-waiting for the other shoe to drop, as far as changes to the Terms later, but it gives us time to move things again. :smiley: