Writing our constitution

Hi All,

Were looking to establish a not-for-profit Tech and Art coop for members to collaborative undertake commercial projects that are compatible with our ethos. The vague idea at the moment is to have a company limited by guarantee with some articles about how the member decide on projects etc and portion (in pencil as 20%) of project cost going to the coop to further its mission of provision residential hackbases for sustainable transition (and supporting the projects).

The challenge now is to move from this vague idea to something concrete.

Is anyone here able to help with reference constitutions that maybe a good model?

A second question is, are crypto based DAO models mature enough to actually use in this context? I’m sure it’s something we could add transition to later but I’m interest in conversation around this is anyone wants to join me on a jit.si.




I’d suggest looking at the Somerset Rules and contacting them if they look like they could be adapted to your needs.

thanks Chris. Looking into it.

Not in UK, but we’re a non-profit tech worker co-op in Canada, and these are our by-laws :slight_smile: Hypha Worker Co-op Bylaws [Adopted 2020-06-13] - Google Docs

This is how we at Common Knowledge are constituted, more or less, though with more detailed and perhaps more traditional cooperative rules.

Feel free to steal our articles. GitHub - commonknowledge/articles: Our articles of association

thanks to both of you @patcon @alex were looking at these examples and synthesising something.

We intend to launch a CIC that is member managed through a platform like Loomio. Many of the examples I’ve looked at talk about sending letters and raising hands at AGMs. I’m wondering whether anyone has adapted their articles specifically to support the use of these types of platform?

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