Would CoTech be interested in joining the Collaborative Technology Alliance?

Hi CoTech

Would you be interested in listing your Organisation and / or Projects as part of the Collaborative Technology Alliance at http://collaborative.tech/ ?

We’re simply trying to map out who is working on what, where, using which technologies…

Our aim is to encourage people to stop reinventing the wheel and to collaborate with existing projects instead…and, once we have reached a critical mass of members, to initiate a global conversation in order to encourage greater interoperability between the technologies and communities in our network, in order to achieve greater ‘network effects’.

Signing up to the CTA does not commit you to anything other than pointing people to updates about your work, so it’s really not very onerous.

It would be great to have you listed.

Please let me know what you think?

All the best

Hi @olisb I think Webarchitects Co-operative might be on for signing up to the The Collaborative Technology Alliance’s principles and values but, as far as I’m aware CoTech as a whole doesn’t have a position on licensing (or have I missed that?) so I’d suggest that some discussion might be needed on point 10.:

We commit to openness of source code, content and data through open or reciprocity-based licensing.

Webarchitects however does have a clear policy on this.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for considering this.

The CTA is mainly looking for sign ups from Orgs and Individuals who are working on software Projects which aim to make the world more collaborative, co-operative, inclusive, and accountable etc…

I don’t think CoTech would need a definitive position on licensing to satisfy point 10 of the CTA principles. But any projects which CoTech listed should probably aspire to using open or reciprocity-based licensing.

Hope that helps clarify things a little!?

If anyone know others working on interesting projects which might like to be listed please do spread the word. :star_struck:


If organisations which don’t have a committent to “openness of source code, content and data through open or reciprocity-based licensing” can join The Collaborative Technology Alliance then wouldn’t that make point 10 of the CTA principles and values rather meaningless?

In case you misunderstood my comment above, I’d be very much in favour of CoTech being committed to producing and using Free / Libre Open Source Software but that is a big discussion that CoTech hasn’t really had yet, just look at the technologies the CoTech co-ops are currently using — there is a lot of proprietary software and services listed there…

I don’t see the ‘CTA principles and values’ statement to be something that would require CoTech members to be committed to in terms of the work they do for their clients or how they currently operate themselves, but rather a broad statement of alignment and ambition.
It does also read a bit like a draft at the moment, a bit of a mish-mash that would benefit from some thoughtful attention to help it become stronger, leaner and more coherent, but perhaps that’s just me.
I would support a proposal if it were offered.

Not really, as I said (perhaps it was not clear) Project would need to commit, Orgs would not (as they may work on some projects which they wish to license another way) - Clear?

That may well be true! It’s a start tho - and I think it’s clear enough to get the ball rolling - happy for anyone who likes to add input and try to help clarify / tidy any aspect of the CTA site up…

Thanks Graham


My understanding of the rules is that we’d need a unanimous vote to sign up to such a thing.

I personally think it makes more sense for the co-ops for which it is relevant to sign up - e.g. the ones making collaborative software - I think CoTech’s a bit too loose to do stuff like this directly…