Workshops for Decentralised Organising in July

Hey folks, Rich here from the Loomio Co-op (+ Enspiral + The Hum). We’re coming back to the UK again next month, hosting new-and-improved workshops:

The workshop has about a 50-50 split between the structural and cultural elements of working without hierarchical management. i.e. we look at digital tools, decision-making, rhythms for coordination and continuous improvement, then: participatory culture, distributing care labour, open communication skills, constructive conflict, power differences, etc.

Here’s a review of one of last year’s workshops by Oli Sylvester-Bradley. This new version is twice as long so we have much more space to investigate the intricacies of working in collectives.

Would you be willing to help us promote the workshops so we get the right people there? I’m happy to answer any questions.

Also, I’m always keen to meet interesting characters so drop me a line if you want to get a beverage while we’re in town :slight_smile:

Cheers :beers:

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Just wanted to pop in and say that Rich is great and his workshops are also great. I highly recommend going.


Just pinging this thread to remind y’all our London workshop is coming up on Saturday :slight_smile: