Work for someone in a vulnerable situation

Hi all!

A mum, computer specialist and programmer who is living a difficult time has written an article in the “Letter to the Editor” section of a newspaper. I have contacted her and she is ok with me sharing her story here, I hope that the network can help! She is not fluent in English but I’m happy to translate conversations/collaborations into Spanish and vice versa.

Mireia is a great programmer and mum of a daughter who has an undiagnosed illness.

She collaborates in various associations of both food sustainability and undiagnosed diseases and does so through web programming.

In addition to her years of developer experience she has also worked as a laboratory technician and loves programming which has extensive experience also in .NET

You can find her story translated into English here (ínguez), the original Spanish article here ( Thanks!


Hello Pau,
I’m had a look at the letter, i may be able to help writing (English),and my wife speaks Portguese so she will understand easily both versions. Do you have any other details please?

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Thanks! Yes, I’ll pm you.