Will be in Manchester tommorow for co-operatives buisness. Anyone know a good space to work/meet?

Hi folks. I will be in Manchester tmoz meeting some folks from Autonomic. Does anyone know anywhere we can meet in the city centre that is quiet and has a good internet connection?

I did it in the library before but the Wi-Fi was terrible and blocked any traffic apart from port 80 and 443. I had to tunnel my ssh traffic through Tor.

Can anyone hook me up? :smile:

Maybe John Atherton at coops uk, who was at Wortley Hall last year, has a corner of his office? :slight_smile: john.atherton@uk.coop

Or the MERCi bunch are apparently very cool! They have offices to rent - maybe they’d let you use one for a donation?! http://bridge5mill.org.uk/ tell em you’re brilliant!

Federation House might (should) have you: http://www.thefederation.coop/

I Echo @harry’s comment RE: Federation House, otherwise you could try Ziferblat in Northern Quarter

Thanks for all the advice folks. Ended up at a really nice housing co-op.

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