Who uses and/ or hosts Sandstorm?

Anyone here (aside from @kawaiipunk / Autonomic who I know use it - do you offer to host it too?) use https://sandstorm.io/ ?

Potentially looking for someone to setup and host for a client :grinning:

@chris @liam?


We could provide a 1G or 2G (recommended) VPS for this and install it, I’d suggest using the GPG verified method, the Ansible install method hasn’t been updated for a couple of years.

It would need a wildcard cert, so I’d suggest a dedicated domain name just for this server and using DNS servers with API’s supported by acme.sh to allow automatic renewal.

I’d estimate that the install should be doable in an hour of our time.

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We’d likely register the domain with gandi.net (just because that’s where we’ve got our .coop) - would their DNS do what you are suggesting? If not, I’m guessing we could use Web Architects DNS to do this? Thinking perhaps we’ll go for something like coopstorm.uk (seems all the .uk domains are the cheapest)

Just actually clicked the link and seems Gandi will work:

18. Use Gandi LiveDNS API

You must enable the new Gandi LiveDNS API first and the create your api key, See: http://doc.livedns.gandi.net/

export GANDI_LIVEDNS_KEY="fdmlfsdklmfdkmqsdfk"

Ok, let’s issue a cert now:

acme.sh --issue --dns dns_gandi_livedns

Right, Gandi are listed, you would need to let us have the API key.

The .uk's are cheap and reliable option (unless the Tories cause the UK to cease to exist… what happens then is anyone’s guess…).

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