Who are our UX experts?

Hi all,

I’m bidding for a WordPress gig and they want a “user experience specialist”, which I’m not really (although I often give my developer useful feedback on user experience and trying things out).

Who here is a UX specialist and has some availability between now and April? Perhaps we could collaborate? (it’s not a huge gig, about £5k total - for the whole thing, not just the UX bit)

In cooperation,


Hello Josef,

I can assist you.

Please Reach to me at Email

Email :- carter(At)cisinlabs(Dot)com

Awaiting your Response

Very Best Regards
Carter W

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Thanks @Carter, but it looks like you’re maybe based in India? And so I guess not a member of a co-op that is part of CoTech, is that right?

Unfortunately this role requires the UX expert to be UK based.

In cooperation,


Looking at our website, I guess I want someone from one of these co-ops (note: quite surprised we’ve not got UX stuff explicitly listed as a service offered by any of the CoTech co-ops):

Who is here from those co-ops? @harry who are the UX people in Outlandish? @edmaw got any good UX people in GreenNet? @dansmallaxe don’t think you’re with Small Axe anymore, but guess you might know who is (and/ or is UX one of your things)?

@asimong do you know how far we got in terms of mapping skills of members?



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The outcome of the gathering was to create groups (or “guilds”) for the various practices in cotech. As far as I know, no one proposed a UX guild. (But it sounds like a great idea!)

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Hi Josef!

I could offer some help.

I am UK based.

My email is: MelissaMcNabArt@gmail.com

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Thanks Melissa, I take it you work with Code-Operative co-op too, right?

We like to collaborate with wonderful wave.coop when we have a UX job.

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Thanks. Know who is on here from Wave?

@Felix is sometimes about.

I do yes :slight_smile:

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