Which is the most recommendable crowd-funding / user feedback platform for co-op projects?

Hi peers!

Let’s say I want to fund a platform co-op idea, an open-source platform idea, a GNU new library, etc. Is there any way can I do it without needing to go to an extractive capitalist platform? Do we have a safe co-op crowdfunding site?

Even if we do, let’s say I’m pretty inmature with the idea and before making, say, a mvp or having an actual viable idea to fund, I want to research what my niche could need first.

Is there a platform for co-technologists to have direct feedback from users, something like “It would be a good idea if I have a co-op uber eats alternative where I live”. Or “I would love a dating app owned by the users.” ,etc…??

I hope I make myself clear.

I was thinking something in between: (A) Crowdfunding site like https://www.kickstarter.com/ (B) Review site like https://www.g2crowd.com/

Ps.: I know already coop exchange, I was want to double check if there is something with the ux mentioned above.

Thanks in advance people!


Good question, so you are asking if there is almost a meta platform co-operative site. Maybe that’s what CoTech is for - a safe and connected space to ask these questions…

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So, yes in that it would be a meta platform co-op site but no in that I was looking forward more like a crowdfunding/software review type of UX. CO-tech is awesome but it’s ux it is more like a forum.

Just for clarification, CoTech is a network of technology cooperatives in the UK. We run this forum for our own discussions but it is also open for anyone to join.

What about https://en.goteo.org/ ?
It’s also open source: https://github.com/GoteoFoundation