Where can I find a mobile app developer?


Few days ago faced a problem of finding new people in mobile app creating project. How to identify for sure does the person has the right skill to do the job and has mental stability as well?
As for now, i either met one or another character but not both. What should i do?


It’s a tricky one but in my case I believe I was hired because I proved that I can learn things fast and produce good results - I’m a web dev bootcamp graduate and a Google Android Developer Scholarship receiver.

I’d be tempted to recommend that you look out for culture fit, passion, mindset and then allow for lack of skills. Someone with the right mindset will normally be better over time than someone who has the skills but doesn’t fit in with the culture.

Depends on the project too: if you’re building the team my suggestion works, but if you’re fulfilling a contact than you might be better off getting someone with experience.


Thanks for your reply, i believe that “culture” was the word i was looking for, and yes, sometimes it’s better to hire person who would definitely fit in corporate culture and learn things fast, but lacks some skills from the start then to hire overqualified pain in ass who was pushed to take this job by his wife and always wining about it.
Also, found a decent guide how to do it ( https://vironit.com/how-to-hire-an-app-developer/) if some is interested.


@BorisBritva just curious were you hiring for native development or React Native? I guess we can class React Native as mobile development.