What hourly rate does your co-op charge your time out at?


At the Webarchitects AGM today we had a brief discussion about our hourly rates (what we charge clients for our time, not what we pay ourselves), currently £60 an hour with reduced rates dropping to £42 an hour for contracted hours, the substantial work this generally covers these days is writing Ansible code to configure Debian servers.

A few people at our AGM suggested that these rates were too low, I suggested that I’d ask on this forum what rates other tech co-ops are charging their time out at… so if anyone is willing to share their rates I’d be interested to hear what they are…


[edited] - just to flag, this forum is public Not that we hide our rates from people, and I’d like to answer your question :slight_smile: - it just feels sensitive to allow random people or organisations to gather info about a lot of us without being part of this network and sharing our values.

I think this topic was discussed at Wortley Hall as well - not sure where the info that resulted lives.


Calverts bases its estimates on hourly rates between £80 and £115/hour depending on client/project.