Website working group

Hey! I think we decided to set up a website working group/circle at the gathering a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested in making changes to the CoTech website (at I’m happy to help coordinate this working group! Get in touch below :point_down:


Ooh amazing, this has been on my to-do list. Thanks Chris. I would be very much up for it - I guess I can mainly support with copy and ideas, rather than the technical things :smiley: Generally speaking Mondays and Fridays are quite relaxed for me so would work best for a meeting. Otherwise, afternoons mid-week are better than mornings.

I’m on for helping with the technical side of things where I can, I’m flexible in terms of when to meet.

I’m also happy to help out with technical stuff when I can fit it in between other work.

Hey Chris, Like Polly I have been meaning to touch base with others from this circle so it would be good to make some next steps. As some of you know our initial session on the Cotech brand moved towards more urgent site changes. Myself Polly and Gemma started a collating some ideas looking at structure and user journeys at the Cotech gathering and we could share these too and build on them.

Bug with the site on the individual coop pages

Adding a trailing forward slash breaks the page.


with: Webarchitects Co-operative « CoTech « Cooperative Technologists

Half the links on the wiki have the trailing slash, and half don’t.

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Thanks. I’ve opened an issue for this:

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