Website problem

Hi all,

I tried to update our page on the CoTech website and discovered that we could not put our address and email in. I checked the pages for one or two other co-ops and it appears to be a generic problem. There is some sort of form to fill in for your co-op profile page, and it seems the problem might be here.

I am not sure who to approach to fix this?

all the best,


If needs be I can probably update your details directly in the MySQL database, are you able to post the missing details here?

We should probably follow this up on a GitHub issue.

Yes, for me as well I’ve just seen that our page is displaying strangely, and the co-op edit page in Wordpress seems somehow not correct.

I have opened an issue on GitHub and we can follow this up there.

I have rolled back all the updates and you can now edit Co-op addresses and they also display correctly, however we also also back to running an old version of WordPress.

We really need a programmer with WordPress / Bedrock experience to sort this mess out and if nobody is available to undertake this work then I’m now of the view that we should switch to a static site generator.

I may be one of the less tech-experienced people here, (i.e. not a proper developer/programmer) and I would welcome a static site instead of WordPress. The issue to me is not simply whether something is Open Source, but whether there is a feasible learning pathway, that does not make unreasonable demands on time and effort, for those of lesser experience to work towards full expertise. This, for me, is one way of supporting principles 5 and 6. My suspicion is that a static site generator would meet this condition much better than WordPress.

Hello Simon

As a non-developer, I am a fan of WordPress but if you think it will be easier to develop and manage, I would be happy to switch if there’s someone to do a screen share tutorial session?


Hi Felix. To be honest, I don’t know anything about the suggested static site. However, I am really keen the technology we use should be not just accessible but also learnable, and that when we deploy technology for internal operations, particularly communication, we should at the same time plan to make available both the knowledge and the co-operative support for people to learn to use the technology, to manage it, to alter and to develop it. To me, Free Software is the more useful, the less difficult it is to exercise the Four Freedoms.

I would be happy to participate in a peer learning effort and/or support group to help people like us undertake the learning we desire.

Discussion about fundamentally changing the website (either the format or the underlying technology) has moved here: CoTech Website improvement session at the gathering