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This updated and expanded brief for website has been put together by the external comms group of, the new worker coop federation. Thanks to @Louise and @alex for their comments and suggestions on the brief.

It contains much more on the background and purposes/objectives of the new organisation, so we hope it will inspire responses and offers from CoTech members and associates - we’re not publishing this anywhere else for now. is down as the key contact at this stage but the designers-developers will get proper and clear inputs and support from the comms group, and it will not be a project-management-by-committee thing.

We’re looking for expressions of interest by 30th September [edit: now extended to 9am Monday 3rd October]


The brief has just been updated to say that:
“The projected budget is around £10,000 between now and next year, with around £5,000 available now. How the budget is shaped and allocated is open for discussion with the designers-developers.”
Also to note that this brief will be circulated more widely in the worker co-op milieu (i.e.beyond this forum) if no expressions of interest are received by the deadline. It’s appreciated that one or more CoTech members might want to discuss internally or to collaborate, so we do not need full proposals at this stage.

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Just to be sure that all the CoTech co-ops that support WordPress (note that Creative co-op appears to be missing from this list and also there would be no need to include Webarchitects as it is WordPress hosting, not theming, that we do) have seen this brief perhaps it would be worth attaching the brief to an email and sending it to them directly?

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Good thinking Chris.