Ways Forward conf, 5th Apr, Manc: CoTech interested in tabling or sponsorship?

hi folks, I don’t even know if this is something CoTech can do, but the “Ways Forward 7: Cooperative Collaboration” conference is looking for sponsorship and also has a limited number of stalls available for exhibitors. As an organiser, i’m keen to get max info value out of each stall, which CoTech obviously brings. It looks like CoTech as an entity doesn’t have funds for this, but maybe a consortium of the members would be interested? Here’s the blurb:

Ways Forward 7, 5th April 2019, Methodist Central Hall, Manchester
Where co-operators and friends share knowledge and explore how we create the next economy: co-operative, by the many, for the many.
A partnership between Cooperative Business Consultants and Platform 6 Development Co-operative http://www.cbc.coop https://platform6.coop/

Ways Forward 7 will openly explore cooperative challenges and opportunities, including new ways for people to work together to take back control of our economy - and how government can help with that. We need alternatives to an obviously broken system, increasingly characterised by food banks, homelessness, disaster capitalism, rampant inequality and climate chaos.

We’ll look at the challenges laid down by the New Economics Foundation’s report ‘Cooperatives Unleashed’, have space to consider the impacts of Brexit and hear from colleagues around the world about state responses to the cooperative sector. We’ll host a ‘getting-to-know-you’ evening on the Thursday night, and report to the conference from Thursday’s Coop College/UK Society for Coop Studies research day, also in Manchester.

Ways Forward 7 will focus on collaboration, hearing from allies beyond the formal cooperative movement. These are essential discussions that need to take place involving co-operators, trade unionists, social justice activists and all who want to see a sustainable, just and democratic economy by the many, for the many.

The sponsorship package (£900 or negotiable based on what elements you want) includes:

  1. Your logo on conference publicity (widely circulated in co-operative, labour and social justice movements)
  2. An invitation to facilitate or speak in a workshop
  3. An exhibition stall
  4. Two delegate places, for the Friday and Thursday’s pre-conference evening networking event/food

We have also approached Rebecca Long-Bailey to be a keynote speaker and to meet sponsors at a briefing session during the preceding fortnight. If that comes off, we’ll obviously include that invitation in the sponsorship package.

As soon as you confirm your sponsorship and send your logo, it will be added to conference publicity.

A contribution of £900 would help keep the individual delegate fee to £45, and subsidise multiple bursary places including for people under 24.

The £150 exhibition package alone gives you stall space and one delegate place for both the conference and the pre-conference networking event/food .


Just wanted to pick up on this and hopefully bring the event to the attention of people in CoTech. I went along to this conference last year and did a session with @chris on CoTech, open source, and the platform co-op theme, which was well attended. For anyone that hasn’t been to one of these Ways Forward conferences before, it’s a refreshing space, differing from some of the more formal co-op sector events in being very open-minded, with some provocative speakers, and more of a grassroots feel to it. I would encourage people to get along to it, as tickets are affordable and it’s shaping up to be a useful day. I would also encourage CoTech to invest in a presence - at just £150 it’s a pretty affordable way to get some visibility about the network amongst an interested target audience. I would be willing to help staff a CoTech stand/table, and maybe share that work with other CoTech people that are planning to be there? registration is now open at https://waysforward.coop


Webarchitects has agreed to put in £50 towards a CoTech Ways Forward conference table and to buy a ticket for me — any other CoTech co-ops interested in chipping in and attending?


what do you think? anyone else interested in joining in? @aaron @Kayleigh @SzczepanOfAnimorph @harry @maria @chrislowis @Felix @Kevin_AlphaCoop @kawaiipunk @jdaviescoates

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Sorry, too much on then!

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To add to the mix, there’s travel subsidy available for members of solid fund

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And, in case it’s not clear, putting a bit of cash towards a CoTech stall and not coming is also very helpful!

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Really sorry to say that I think it’s bad timing for us as a company and for me personally, but I hope the conference is a success and would love to hear about it

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Have enjoyed my time at previous Ways Forward conferences but sadly can’t really afford the time (or money) this time around. Have moved out of London to a place with no train station and so getting places takes ages! Well apart from the local beach, doesn’t take long to get there :grin:

Still places available at the Ways Forward conference - https://waysforward.coop in Manchester on Friday. I’ll be there talking about the innovative and frankly wildly ambitious model we’re building in Platform 6 for the financing and support of co-op start-ups AND the people who do the development work. I’ll also be learning about the Mutual Credit Network and Coop Exchange. Lots of other co-opy goodness available. Would love to hook up there with anyone from We are Open to talk about Open Badges?