VocTech Seed 2017

We (Cetis LLP) are intending to put in something to

It’s a UFI “Seed fund to promote digital solutions for vocational learning” – right up our street.

  1. What are the specific training needs for people with no co-op working background to come on board a co-op enterprise? Specifically a tech one (like us here?) We’d be very grateful to anyone who would be willing to have an initial short conversation about this.
  2. We’d be interested in discussing with anyone else who is also considering bidding into this funding - either to collaborate or to differentiate, rather than conflict.

If you specifically want to discuss openly on this, please feel free. Otherwise you’d be very welcome to contact me on 07710031657 or “asimong” on Skype or Gmail.

We believe that WeAreOpen are interested in this, and I’m hoping to talk with Doug on Thursday anyway. Anyone else?

Many thanks


QUICK REQUEST: today only, if you have a minute or two only.

Cetis LLP and We Are Open are indeed collaborating on this :slight_smile:
We would really appreciate knowing of any evidence that current vocational training and education doesn’t cover what is really needed in terms of co-operation and collaboration skills, particularly when people are working remotely, or beyond a single organisation.

Can you point us to any evidence – even anecdotal?

Many thanks if you can.