Venues to sleep & meet ~ 20 people, South / East

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Given the amount of CoTech event organising that has gone on the last couple of years, I thought I’d ask… I’m looking for a space like an outward bounds centre or big house that can sleep ~20 people (some camping considered!) as well as providing basic meeting space and probably self-catering facilities. Tending toward basic rather than corporate expensive. Several attendees are from London so not wanting to go a million miles away but can be a bit flexible! Anyone had good experiences of this somewhere they want to recommend? I’ve just fired off dozens of emails to the independent hostels network so that may cover some of it.


The Quadrangle Trust in Shoreham Kent is very easy to get to from London and lovely.

Loads of the YHA Exclusive Hire sites could work too.

Lambourne End actually in London (well, Essex really, but it’s out on East end of Central Line) also worth checking out.

Gilwell Park in Chingford too. Looks like they are aiming more for the higher end of the market but pretty sure they’ve still actually got affordable lodges too.

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Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

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