UX/UI/User Research Support

I have quite a fleshy prototype of web app I have been working as a side-project through 3XE over the last few years but now I am working on it full time trying to steer its development into something marketable.

Through primary research over the last six weeks I have gathered information from ~100 stakeholders about challenges they face with existing solutions.

About 2/3 of the stakeholders said they would be willing to engage in further R&D so I am looking for someone to work with me over the next few weeks engaging those 2/3 to specify a set of features that can be developed atop the existing prototype to define a minimum viable product.

I mainly a developer so I am looking for expressions of interest from someone designed-focused and experienced with wireframing/rapid prototyping/user testing/etc. to compensate for my inadequacies :slight_smile:

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Hi Pete, you good? I’m interested - drop me a line @ ross@bravand.com and let’s talk. Cheers, Ross