Using Software Development Cooperative to deliver Enterprise Software development (rather than go 'offshore')


I have been directed to yourselves by James Delevingne from Coops UK

(we’ve been discussing platform coops with him, this may be an area of interest for CoTech and members - refer UnFound ).

Wondering if you can please help me –

We are going to market in the coming months for enterprise software development, and in the current climate, being able to say we’ve used a model that utilises our local freelancers, startups, SMEs etc to deliver our Enterprise Software Development requirements, is going to be looked upon a lot more favourably than another ‘offshoring’ exercise. I keep hearing about how using the locals with minimal margins (such as with a coop) actually turns out more cost effective and offers flexibility as well. Hopefully allows knowledge retention at the same time as offering flexibility to rotate in/out relevant expertise, while maintaining robust change management, testing etc? I’m guessing there is some crossover with the strategies used for Open Source development? (robust development management, change control and testing with a constantly changing group of developers).

Are you able to provide some guidance / pointers etc on these statements? Looking for reference materials & studies that show this to be the case, how to make sure it is a robust solution etc (this will be rather novel not only for the City of Sydney, but also Sydney & possibly Australia). We will have to take into account we won’t have too many (if any) of these coops at the start of the tender – may need to have them formed as part of the exercise or prior (or if I’m wrong and you can point me to several here….). Any guidance on how to make this happen, and so we get robust organisations tendering & ultimately winning?

A copy of the tender documents from last time (4 years ago) is being posted by Kayleigh in a reply post - to provide guidance on what we are looking for. If by some miracle there are guidance documents / examples to assist with updating tender documents to take all of the above into account, that would be fantastic.

Know this is a lot to ask, but I’m hopeful CoTech will be interested in fostering the same type of model here in Sydney /Australia. Fortunately, we are supported by the Sydney based Coops Federation who can help facilitate drawing upon suggestions from CoTech.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all!

Kindest Regards,

Michael Buchanan
Category Manager People, Performance, Technology, City of Sydney (Australia).


@shaun This may well relate to some of the work you’ve been doing in Manchester?

Yes, thanks @Graham. Was thinking the same thing.

@MichaelBuchanan - I’ll pop you an email with a couple of documents may interest you.

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