Upcoming Anti-Capitalist Game Jams + Looking for Games Co-operatives

Hey! I want to achieve two things with this post:

1: tell you about two very cool anti-capitalist game jams I’m participating in, the first is 1 - 26 May with an event on 28 May in London (previously attended by Jeremy Corbyn). The second is 1 - 30 June, also remote but organised from Barcelona. For a couple of years I’ve been experimenting with using Linked Data to build federated/decentralised games in common and we’re open for new team members if anyone wants to join in for either jam

2: the organiser of the second event asked me about games co-operatives to contact about the event, and I’m wondering if anyone knows people of interest? I linked them to a couple that I know of and will point them to this post



Just a few interactions with GPT4 got me this!

Title: Coopetative Uprising

  1. Setting:
  • A near-future world dominated by global mega-corporations
  • Player assumes the role of a visionary leader, seeking to replace capitalism with a worker cooperative-based economic model
  1. Objective:
  • Accelerate the collapse of capitalism by winning over workers and establishing worker cooperatives, creating a more equitable society
  • Overcome the “divide and conquer” tactics used by capitalists to keep workers disorganized and powerless
  1. Game Mechanics:
  • Top-down 2D strategy game with elements of city-building, resource management, community engagement, and worker recruitment
  • Players establish and support worker cooperatives, transforming the economy one cooperative at a time
  1. Winning Over Workers:
  • Players interact with workers from various industries, persuading them to join the cooperative movement
  • Employ various communication strategies, such as grassroots campaigns, social media, and public demonstrations
  • As more workers join the movement, a realistic network effect emerges, enhancing the player’s ability to attract additional workers
  1. Cooperative Management:
  • Create and manage various types of worker cooperatives, such as manufacturing, service, and agricultural
  • Balance worker satisfaction, production efficiency, and community impact
  • Allocate resources and make strategic decisions to ensure the cooperatives’ success
  1. Overcoming Divide and Conquer Tactics:
  • Players must navigate various obstacles created by capitalists, such as disinformation campaigns and economic sabotage
  • Strengthen worker solidarity through education, awareness campaigns, and community-building initiatives
  1. Level Design:
  • Each level represents a different industry or region, with unique challenges and opportunities for establishing worker cooperatives
  • Levels are progressively more difficult, as capitalists become increasingly aggressive in their attempts to maintain control
  1. Game Progression:
  • As players successfully establish cooperatives and win over workers, they gain influence and resources to expand the movement
  • The growing network effect empowers players to challenge and dismantle the capitalist system
  1. Graphics and Sound:
  • Simplified, stylized graphics for easy programming and a modern aesthetic
  • Inspirational and uplifting soundtrack that complements the game’s theme of empowerment and solidarity
  1. Endgame:
  • As the capitalist system collapses and worker cooperatives become the dominant economic model, the player’s actions lead to a more equitable society
  • A cinematic ending sequence illustrates the transformative impact of the cooperative movement on the lives of workers and communities
  1. Achievements and Challenges:
  • Various achievements for reaching milestones, such as establishing a certain number of cooperatives or converting entire industries
  • Optional challenges, like completing levels within specific time limits or using limited resources, add replay value and encourage players to explore different strategies
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Interesting @calummackervoy ! At fractals we’ve been exploring rpgs as both a facilitation tool and reflective practice for getting organisations to think about their futures. We’ve got a range of game design experience between the members. I don’t think we have space for game jams right now, but we’re certainly interested in game design.


Hey Calum,

You might want to contact Matteo Menapace who’s just about to launch their cooperative climate justice board game Daybreak (https://www.daybreakgame.org/). I played it the other day actually, it’s brilliant. We’re going to have an in-person event about it (and possibly other cooperative games) at SPACE4 in July! If you’re interested in learning more or being part of the event do get in touch with me at natasha@outlandish.com




Alan Paull, who used to be a partner in Cetis LLP, now does board games: physical not electronic I believe. I don’t know if he’ll be interested or not. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alan-paull-b30a614/


It might be worth dropping an invite on the London Hackspace mailing list:


There are always a few people discussing game design/implementation. :smiley:

Some members managed to refurb an old arcade machine so they could run their games on it.


That machine has been a feature of a digital arts’ festivals in London for years. :smiley:

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Thanks! Posted there, think it’s waiting for approval. The format for the London jam is on an arcade machine

I’m fairly active in the Fuz hackerspace in Paris, if it’s ever interesting or useful. It made me think I should post about Chaos Communication Camp, so will do that now!

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hey @calummackervoy how’s it all gone? How were the events? What games did you make?

Hey! It was great thanks, could well get used to making games as a primary activity :grin: I think our game was a bit esoteric, but to mitigate I’ve written a short blog post which walks you through it: https://calum.mackervoy.com/en/2023/05/26/games-transformed.html

The event was well-organised and good fun, I spent most of the day playing board games. I’m not totally on board with the politics of Daybreak but I loved the game, joined the crowdfunder afterward as a means of pre-ordering it. In the afternoon I was in the Class Wargames session, there was a presentation about games with short-term political objectives like Corbyn Run, and then we watched a film about Guy Debord’s Game of War and then had a go at playing it

I saw that Good Praxis submitted a game to the jam as well, so wasn’t the only CoTecker there (Wildcat by Good Praxis)

All of the games are gonna be available to play on an arcade machine at The World Transformed Liverpool October 7-10

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