Trainers wanted for Malaysia Youth Coop Forum

A Global Youth Forum is being organised by Coops4Dev and the ICA Youth Network. The event will take place in Kuching, Malaysia from the 3rd to the 7th of February.
They are looking for trainers - basic travel, 6 nights accommodation, 2 meals a day paid, but no fee and you’d have to cover your own visa, insurance etc expenses - to propose and deliver sessions of relevance to young people.The conference will be structured in parallel workshop with not many plenaries. Trainers willing to provide at least 4 x 90m sessions of training (on the same topic or different topics). I’m probably going to propose either ‘How to start a worker coop’, ‘Good decision making in coops’ and/or ‘How to generate business using coop networks’.
The deadline for applications/proposals is on the 3rd of November, further details and forms at

Anyone want to do intro sociocracy training and come to Malaysia for a beer?

Thanks for sharing this @Sion, I considered it and could offer the sociocracy training we’ve been doing but I have made apledge not to fly in 2020 (and beyond) and Agile Collective has a no fly policy so I won’t be applying.