They Work For You

Hello CoTech-ers,

I’m sure many of you have used over the years to get data on MPs, to track who’s saying what about topics you’re monitoring, as part of campaigns, or to see MPs’ voting records.

mySociety (the independent charity that runs it*) are crowdfunding to raise funds to keep it running:

It’s a seriously impressive achievement that TheyWorkForYou has been going since 2006, and even more impressive that it’s continued to improve over those years.

Given our torrid and tumultuous political climate, I think it’s important that independent services like this exist to make the work of Parliament accessible and understandable.

If you, or the organisation you work for, have used it and benefited from it, I encourage you to consider donating to keep it going.

Thanks and best wishes,

(They havent asked me to share this here)