Textile coop seeks tech help

A startup coop doing high-end upcycling of African pattern fabric products seeks help with back end for an e-commerce site. I am not sure of the technical details but my contact Anna says: “Hue is not a platform so doesn’t need a complex website for data input, manipulation, and trade between the platform’s suppliers and buyers. Rather, it’s a multi-stake version of a producer’s co-op creating value through the mass aggregation of supplies (high quality fabric offcuts from bespoke tailoring, textile artists or others) with products being based around a strong colour-led aesthetic. (I’m already working with someone else, Peter Moore, on website design.)”.

If anyone would like an intro please email me sion@princplesix.coop

We are hosting the WordPress site for this co-op, https://www.hue.company/

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Hi @Sion,

I’m getting a bounce back on sending emails to your address.

Ignore me, think I found the problem, there’s an i missing from the domain.