Tender for Taxonomy/Ontology Management Solution?

3 year contract starting in March, bids in by end of January, so very tight. Anyone else interested in exploring a joint bid? We at Cetis LLP would be hard pressed to do this alone, but we probably have a good range of the required skills. Would suit people into health education, or perhaps the health sector more widely? I haven’t looked into it deeply yet, but if there is genuine interest here I’ll register interest and get the documentation.

From https://procontract.due-north.com/Advert/Index?advertId=f399afc1-e0f6-e711-80e8-005056b64545

“Health Education England, the national body responsible for the education and training of the health and healthcare workforce, is seeking to improve the way in which our users find information and educational resources across our systems. The solution involves implementing an enterprise search and a taxonomy/ontology management system to power the indexing and classification of resources. A Government Digital Service (GDS) discovery exercise was conducted with system owners from across HEE to understand the way their systems work and the ways their users interact with their systems. The impact of implementing the taxonomy solution is wide with the potential to integrate the taxonomy with the HEE website, learning and educational resource search services, and internal systems such as SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. The discovery resulted in a number of recommendations which were tested through the development of a prototype taxonomy and implementation of a taxonomy management tool to helps sort, organise and standardise terms and create synonyms of common words. The goal of the prototype was to implement a sustainable model for search and semantics at HEE. The prototype took content from the e-LfH portal and the NHS eLearning Repository, indexed it and linked it to the taxonomy terms, presenting these to the user in a search interface.”