Syncing shared network drive with cloud storage


Just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience in terms of syncing up a shared network drive with cloud storage?

We currently use a buffalo LS-XLF02 shared drive on our systems but want to sync to cloud storage for backup and to be able to access and edit files when outside of the office or working from home.

I’ve read that both google drive and dropbox have issues in terms of syncing externally to a network drive away from the desktop - anyone know of any good alternatives or indeed any coops that offer this service?

many thanks

Have you considered Nextcloud, Webarchitects Co-operative can offer managed Nextcloud servers and if you want to have a play with it there is the CoTech Nextcloud server — pm me if you would like an account creating.

Hi Chris

Thanks for the info - we’ll check out the links and get back to you. Much appreciated!

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